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Nerdist News: WATCH DOGS Movie?!


LOST in 140 or Less

  LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof summed up the show in one small tweet.  I bet people that had never seen the show and just read this are as confused as… more


The bumpers (shorts played before the screenings at film festivals – DUH!) for SXSW are now online and I have an instant favorite. “Mario” by Joe Nicolosi shows the hipster… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Royal Mail’s Magical Stamps

The Royal Mail released some stamps I can get excited to use!  Lord Voldemort’s face always brightens up a package.  Too bad I don’t mail anything or live in the… more


Too old? I don’t think Lois Lane will complain. Jon Hamm as Superman by Phil Noto… more

Sword Dance and Shadowgraph

Taichi Saotome is scared of his shadow no more.  A little CGI, tight choreography and shadowy samurai make for a hot sword fight. via thd… more

Ferris Bueller’s Actual Day Off

Back in 1985 Ferris Bueller took a day off from school and it turned out to be one helluva day.  Baseball Prospectus blogger Larry Granillo knew he could narrow down… more

Doctor Who Infographic

Bob Canada drew up this Doctor Who infographic to end all Doctor Who infographics. Click here for the BIG version.  (hint: it’s easier to read)… more

“Dr. Hooey is Good”

I always wondered what Dr. Who would be like on too many hallucinogenics.  Thanks to this Turkish remake I have all my answers. via iheartchaos… more

Don’t Feed Them

So what should you do if someone trolls you?  Fox 11 News in Los Angeles ran this report on the “maddening Internet phenomenon” and actually got it right in the… more

Psilocybin Mushrooms (2 caps onset)

Bryan Lewis Saunders eats drugs and paints pictures of himself.   Might be the best use of drugs yet. After experiencing drastic changes in my environment, I looked for other experiences… more

Rain City Superhero Movement

About 8 individuals in Seattle are going out at night and fighting crime as superheroes.   They banned together to form the Rain City Superhero Movement and the leader, Phoenix Jones,… more

‘Tis Also The Season…

…to draw a giant penis on the Eiffel Tower lawn.  #LeTitsNow Pic was originally tweeted by a Dutchman visiting Paris…. more

The Walken Dead

Two of my favorite things mashed up.  Christopher Walken just might make the perfect zombie. via [reddit]… more

Meep, Meep

Best live-action Wile E. Coyote vs. The Road Runner short you will see all day.  Promise. via [thd] [Apache Pictures]… more

Dalek Comes to Hollywood

As you might have heard Matt Smith was in Los Angeles on Monday to appear on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson (and the Nerdist podcast).  Well, it looks as… more

Super There Will Be Blood

Daniel Plainview looks awesome as he schemes your land in 16 bits.  Gotta get that milkshake!… more

5 Minutes of Awesome

Hadoukentheband crams all the awesome people on YouTube into 308 seconds.  Well, maybe a couple people are missing but this sure is a crash course on awesome YouTube videos. via Kotaku… more

“Panasonic is the best. Philips sucks.” -THIS GUY

If you’re in the market for a new VCR here’s Markorepairs breaking  down the brands in his VCR collection.   If you’re also in the market for 8 minutes a awesomeness… more

Stephen Fry on Language – Animated

English actor/writer/comedian Stephen Fry’s essay on language  is wonderfully animated by Matt Rogers.  Now you can watch the words AND listen to them as Stephen Fry schools you… more

“80s Worlds Collide”

Jeffrey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz pretty much sums up my formidable years with “80s Worlds Collide” A little breakdown of who’s in this masterpiece: DangerMouse from DangerMouse (1981) Mighty Mouse from Mighty… more

“The Social Network” – in about a minute

Are you thinking about seeing “The Social Network”?  Wait! Just watch this vid from everyone’s favorite Taiwanese animators, Next Media Animation.  They give you the whole story (and then some) … more

Are you the Buzzmaster?

Looking for a strat guru to help you dominate the interwebs?  Alex Blagg drops all the knowledge you need to sound like a web 3.0 techspert. via… more

Cache Rules Everything Around Me

Where you wondering what happened to those gifs that used to be all over the interwebs (geocities anyone)?  Well, good news!  Evan Roth of Graffiti Research Lab, F.A.T…. more