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Nerdist Goes To The MTV Movie Awards


Siri Becomes A Meme

                  The iPhone 4S’s personal assistant, Siri, has some interesting and humorous answers for your queries.  Shit That Siri Says is posting… more

The Walken Dead

POYKPAC brings you The Walken Dead. “For every zombie who’s ever wanted their brains served with a side of cowbell.” It’s like this old post came to life!… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline

(Yes, we know, it’s been taken down. Sorry) If you’re not excited about the new Timeline feature at Facebook, Don Draper just might will change your mind. via [thd] [Eric Leist]… more

Mental Movies

This is the stuff straight out of a sci-fi movie that gets me excited and scared at the same time… definitely more excited, though!  Researchers at The Gallant Lab at… more

9 Famous Sweaters

Found Item Clothing illustrated 9 famous sweaters from pop culture that we all know and love.  I wish I had all 9 of  these so I can wear them according… more

Dr. Who x Muppets

Naaaaailed it!  Amy Mebberson got it perfect with her Dr. Who and Muppets mashup.  Looks like Amy had the print available at San Diego Comic Con, and since it’s not… more

Say Something Nice

Improv Everywhere set up a lectern and megaphone in NYC instructing people to “Say Something Nice”.  This was an awesome exhibition, and I can definitely see how the positive energy… more

Doctor Who “Story So Far” for Season 6 (SPOILERS)

For those Whovians that need a refresher or haven’t seen the first half of Season 6 (REALLY?!), BBC America has posted a Story So Far video with some key moments.  … more

Re-Casting Peter Bishop?

Don’t fret, Joshua Jackson fans, he isn’t going anywhere.  This spoof video was shown at the Fringe Comic-Con panel right before he came out on stage.   Can you think of… more

“We’re Alive” Season Finale LIVE Saturday

The season finale of We’re Alive (FYI – it’s a zombie story of survival) will be streamed LIVE this Saturday, 7/30, with the pre-show starting at 9:30 a…. more

Porcelain Unicorn

So, this video has been on YouTube for a year now but made it to the front page of Reddit Tuesday and to my attention for the first time. The… more

Captain Talk

Tonight (Friday) at 8 p.m. ET,  Epix will be releasing The Captains, a documentary  directed and produced by William Shatner in which he catches up with each of the… more

“The Walking Dead” Season 2 Teaser

I am so ready for some zombie crushing action but DirecTV better get it’s shit together by October so I can watch this in HD.  Yeh, I know, First World… more

Google+ Cheat Sheet

I kept hearing all the buzz about Google Plus and finally got in a couple of weeks ago.  Like with many other social sites I was confused at first and… more

The First World Problems Rap

While I was airing out my lobster burps and champagne farts I came across this video and felt so bad for the kid.  He has so many issues, maybe a… more

Hardcore Harry

The new poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was released today with Harry and Co. looking like they’re bout to whoop some ass.  Harry is all… more

Matt Smith Back for Next Season

Will Doctor Who be returning for a seventh season?  Is Matt Smith going to be the Doctor?  All your questions and more, well maybe not more, are answered in Stephen… more

Star Wars x Muppets Action Figures

O.K., so this is how it’s going down.  $18.95 for a 2 pack, 4 different packs, due out this fall in Disney parks.  Is everyone else as excited… more

TARDIS Console Competition (small spoilers)

Who woulda guessed the writers for Dr. Who are getting their ideas from kids? The TARDIS in “The Doctor’s Wife” episode was designed by 12 year old Susannah Leah.  She… more

Nathan FAILlion

We all love Nathan Fillion here at Nerdist but we have to thank him for this major fail as he tries to slap Castle co-star Jon Huertas. via [THD] Hey… more

Farewell Steve Carell

Steve Carell says goodbye to fans of The Office.  He always left us satisfied and smiling…… more


The last Star Trek poster you need.  How about 235 pixelated form Star Trek characters printed on 100% cotton rag museum-quality paper using an 8-colour archival printing process?  Trexels is… more

Let the Games Begin

Can’t wait for the  April 17th premier of “Game of Thrones”?  Well, HBO hit the interwebs with 15 minutes of goodness for your eyeballs and earholes. Hit up this link… more