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Nerdist Podcast: Brian Henson

Brian Henson and Chris sit down to talk about their pet dogs, the technique of puppetry, growing up in the heyday of The Muppet Show, and the show Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on SyFy!… more

How Will The Hulk Fit Into Marvel’s Plans For Phase 2 and 3?

Note: This article may contain SPOILERS for The Avengers 2 and other upcoming Marvel franchises. According to an exclusive report from Latino Review, fans of Hulk smashing puny gods like… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #15

Cosplay Friday is back with a vengeance! Well, not really – there’s no particular vendetta or blood feud that warrants sweet, sweet revenge, but it sounded pretty dramatic, you have… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Will Sony Unveil the PlayStation 4 on February 20th?

Will Sony announce the next PlayStation on February 20th? According to this mysterious video they posted on the PlayStation Blog (in an entry entitled “See the Future”),  they just might… more

Yes, Milord! The “Warcraft” Movie Gets a Director

More work? Work work, zug zug. Now that that’s out of the way, we can tell you that sci-fi director/fruit of David Bowie’s loins Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code)… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for January 30th, 2013

Brace your wallets for impact, everyone. With the release of Dark Horse’s Hyrule Historia, Invincible #100 and a metric ton of other must-pull titles, this week’s Comic Book Day is… more

Is “Mean Girls: The Musical” on the Way?

We’ve all agreed that “fetch” is never going to happen, but have we reached a consensus about the possibility of a Mean Girls musical adaptation? At last night’s SAG Awards,… more

“Dead Space 3″ & Phil Collins: A Match Made in Heaven

[youtube] Who knew that the dulcet tones of Phil Collins would be the peanut butter to… more

See J.J. Abrams Bro Out with Gabe Newell at D.I.C.E.

If the prospect of seeing Chris Hardwick host the 16th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards and the recently unveiled Assassin’s Creed-themed trailer didn’t have you excited for next week’s… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #14

Wake up and smell the cosplay! Actually. you probably shouldn’t – inhaling all those hot glue fumes probably isn’t good for your health. Instead, take the much safer option of… more

Beta’d: It’s “The Elder Scrolls Online” Trailer!

[youtube] The prospect of stealing sweetrolls from all across Tamriel with hordes of other player characters is… more

Six Questions with “The Following”‘s Shawn Ashmore

America’s long standing love affair with all things bacon continues as the much-anticipated crime thriller/Kevin Bacon detective story The Following made its debut Monday night to mostly positive reviews…. more

Comic Book Day: X Marks the Spot for David Marquez

If you don’t already know the name David Marquez, you will soon. The All-New X-Men artist began his career as an animator on Richard Linklater’s trippy A Scanner Darkly and… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for January 23rd, 2013

Ready or not, here comes Comic Book Day, and this week’s pull list has some terrific titles ready to lower your personal debt ceiling to Hobbit-sized heights. With the second… more

The D.I.C.E. Awards (And Assassins) Are Coming For You

[youtube] Who knew that the D.I.C.E. Awards had such badass security? This… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #13

As the great American poet R. Kelly once said, “This is the remix to ignition / Hot and fresh out the kitchen / Mama rollin that body / Got every man in here… more

Comic Book Day: The Fabled Bill Willingham

Slow and steady may have won the race for Aesop’s tortoise, but Bill Willingham’s Fables has unfolded at a relative breakneck pace since it burst onto the scene in 2002…. more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for January 16th, 2013

Explosions! Gratuitous acts of murder! Stilt-Man! This week’s pull list features some stellar crime thrillers and more twists and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan film (think Sixth Sense, not … more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #12

  If this week’s edition of Cosplay Friday is any indication, 2013 is off to a spectacularly costumed start! From a killer Magi group to a truly monstrous treatment of… more

Listen to the “Game of Thrones” Kids Freestyle Rap Over the Intro

[youtube] Winter is coming, y’all, so brace yourselves for the lyrical prowess of House Stark as the… more

“Y: The Last Man” Finally Gets a Director

Very rarely do news items elicit a fist pump of delight, but the news that Dan Trachtenberg (The Totally Rad Show, Portal: No Escape) is set to direct New Line… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for January 9th, 2013

  It’s Comic Book Day, everyone, and it’s looking like a week chock full of beginnings and goodbyes with hotly anticipated first issues from Brian Wood and Dan Slott, and… more

Console Yourself with Nvidia and Valve

Although many have lamented that CES is becoming less and less fun as the years go on, there are still plenty of surprises to be had for consumer electronics aficionados…. more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #11

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome back to another exciting edition of TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday, your one-stop shop for the best cosplay around the web. Let’s just cut to the… more