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Learn How To Make Soap On DIY DAMMIT with Alice Wetterlund


Love Meets Corpse Disposal in Warren Ellis’ “Dead Pig Collector”

While much of pop culture fixates on those who commit murders, in recent years there’s been a similar fascination with those odd souls who make it their business to clean… more

Review: “2 Guns” is Double-Barreled Throwback Fun

The short review: While not a groundbreaking picture by any means, 2 Guns, with its big explosions, corny jokes and kinetic gunplay, feels like a throwback to a different era… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Gear Up for Geek Week with Grant Morrison’s “18 Days”

Known for his highly cerebral comics work and tackling Western pop cultural mythologies with a unique style, renowned writer Grant Morrison’s latest project is slightly more animated. The surly Scotsman… more

Pickstarter: Card Game “A Duel Betwixt Us” Offers Gentlemanly Violence

How many times have you wistfully stroked your handlebar mustache while sipping on finest, oak barrel-aged scotch and riding your penny-farthing, only to have another dapper gentleman unceremoniously cut you… more

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC Takes Us Back to Rapture

What a week for Bioshock Infinite, huh? Not only is Ken Levine the latest guest on the Nerdist Podcast, but Irrational released its first DLC pack and debuted the trailer… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for July 31, 2013

Summer may be entering the home stretch as July comes to a close, but like the U.S. Postal Service, Comic Book Day is undeterred by rain, sleet, fog, snow,… more

EXCLUSIVE: Take a Sneak Peek at “Red Lanterns” #22

Nothing says “exclusive sneak preview” like Guy Gardner vomiting copious amounts of blood, right? Right? Well, only if you’re talking about an exclusive sneak preview of Red Lanterns #22, that… more

Review: Is “The Wolverine” the Franchise’s Healing Factor?

The short review:  While overlong, James Mangold’s The Wolverine is a high octane cocktail of ninjas, noir and adamantium-laden action that will leave you feeling refreshed and thirsty for more…. more

Mike Doyle’s Abandoned LEGO Victorian Houses Are Sublimely Spooky

It’s no secret that we love ourselves some LEGOs around the Nerdist offices. Whether it’s the trailer for the seriously awesome-looking trailer for The LEGO Movie or the LEGO Chris… more

EXCLUSIVE: Damn Dirty Preview Pages for “Planet of the Apes Spectacular”

In what looks like the greatest Planet of the Apes outing since The Simpsons’ musical blowout, “You’ve Finally Made a Monkey Out of Me,” BOOM! Studios’ Planet of the Apes… more

Take a Sneak Peek at Dark Horse’s “Itty Bitty Hellboy”

Before he was the cigar-chompin’, hard drinkin’ hellraiser that we all know and love, Hellboy was a tiny terror, and, as you may recall, we had the exclusive announcement that… more

Join the Hunt with GISHWHES 2013 and Misha Collins

At first glance, GISHWHES might sound like an apocryphal GWAR album or a lesser deity in H.P. Lovecraft’s consonant-laden pantheon, but in truth it stands for the “Greatest International… more

Develop Intense Anxiety with a New “Gravity” Trailer

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from director Alfonso Cuarón; although he’s been working steadily as a producer, his last film as writer-director was 2006′s excellent Children of… more

The Cast of “The To Do List” Takes Us Back & an Exclusive Video!

For many of us, high school is a time that we’d prefer to forget, rather than celebrate. Unlike most versions of it we see on shows on the CW, generally… more

Google’s Chromecast Is Your $35 HDMI TV Streaming Solution

Because building driverless cars, futuristic porn glasses and inundating themselves with Stormtroopers wasn’t enough, Google announced their latest foray into the home entertainment space today with Chromecast, a $35 HDMI… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for July 24th, 2013

Let’s hope that you didn’t spend all your money at San Diego Comic-Con, because this week’s pull list has plenty of awesome offerings that will make this a Comic Book… more

EXCLUSIVE: Preview DC’s “Arrow” #9

Our heads are still spinning from the craziness that was this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but we managed to wipe the sleep from our bleary eyes to bring you a… more

Comic-Con: Day 1 Round-Up – Sherlock, Archie & More!

While we endeavor to bring you all the latest and greatest exclusives, updates and ongoings as San Diego Comic-Con, it can prove difficult to do in real time, so each… more

Comic-Con 2013: The Geek Week Comic Block Lineup

Comic-Con 2013 is upon us, and dance cards are filling up faster than The Flash on Cosmic Treadmill. That being said, you’re going to want to keep Saturday morning freem… more

Comic Book Day: Gail Simone Unleashes the Fury of “Red Sonja”

Gail Simone knows a thing or two about badass redheads. First of all, she’s one herself, which is the kind of real world experience that not every comic book writer… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for July 17th, 2013

Today isn’t just any old Comic Book Day; now I am become San Diego Comic-Con, destroyer of wallets. But while you’re waiting in those long lines outside Hall H, you’re… more

Course of the Force, Day 7 Recap

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s the Day 7 video wrapup of Course of the Force, the lightsaber relay from Skywalker Ranch to San Diego to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation, via the Nerdist… more

Sam Humphries Talks “Avengers A.I.”‘s Prime Directive

In the wake of the Age of Ultron, the Marvel Universe found itself with a very particular need: a tech-based superteam that can handle the types of threats generated by… more