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Nerdist News: WATCH DOGS Movie?!


Rocky v. ED-209 v. Peter Serafinowicz

Regardless of Directive 4, THIS VIDEO WILL SLAY YOU. In case you have that debilitating disease that prevents you from hearing choruses (Chorysthria), the song is called “Open Your Eyes”… more

Nerdist Podcast #81: WHOTOPIA!

BONUS EPISODE for the Whovians! This is the 40-minute Q&A following sneak preview screening of the first two episodes of Doctor Who series 6 to a packed movie… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Nerdist Podcast #80: RHYME TALKING

Chris reminisces about the Cranberries! Jonah twists his ankle! Matt walks everywhere now! Nerdist friend Brent Weinbach drops by to chat about video game music. FunFunFun!… more

Video Exchange w/ Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill

Words not sufficient for brain to express joy-splosion! Words weird come out brain now. Suffice it to say that this li’l Who fan’s dreams have become infinitely more fulfilled now…. more

Nerdist Podcast #79: ANDY SAMBERG

Cross-platform alert! I wrote the cover story for the May issue of WIRED which is an interview with Samberg about the evolution of comedy in the Digital Age. While the… more

Chubby Emo Chris Hardwick of 2003 Says, “You Can Do It!”

Ah, 2003! How I don’t miss you. I had JUST quit drinking, dyed my hair to establish a departure from my previous identity and was hard at work losing the “… more

Sara Underwood @NerdMelt

Thanks, Attack of the Show! You’re keen! Until we integrate the new calendar on here, goto for NerdMelt show info and/or follow @NerdMelt on the tweets!… more

It’s a Doctor Who Parody, Charlie Brown!

By @apelad whose other work may also be found a HOBOTOPIA. via @shanenickerson… more

Nerdist Podcast #78: Large Puppy

Burrito tweet-ups! Boston! Doctor Who in NY! Inversion tables! Spanish Zombie Movies! This hostful ep covers much!… more

Star Trek: The Next Generation Porn Trailer (Actually SFW)

Am I crazy??? This looks GOOD, right??? Holy crap! Way to raise the bar, porn! The writing seems pretty decent! The effects are surprisingly sharp! This may be the first… more

Zombie Chris Hardwick Sez “Web Sooooooup!!!”

This is when I was a zombie. I got better! I swear! Now I only get semi-erect when I think of brains. If THAT. I’m fine. Watch an ALL-NEW WEB… more

Nerdist Podcast #77: BLACK DYNAMITE!

DYN-O-MITE! DYN-O-MITE! Our second live show at NerdMelt was epic explosion of all things awesome as we welcomed the director and cast of Black Dynamite to celebrate the release of… more

Nerdist Podcast #76: XENI JARDIN

Scheduling conflicts prohibited a hostful podcast this week, but fortunately Xeni Jardin has been slotted to cover it! I’ve been wanting her on for AGES, so I’m glad it finally… more

INSANE Chilean Bike Race POV

I had to look away a couple of times. Had this person gone toppling over the bars we could have make him temporarily famous on Web Soup. Note the cameo… more

Nerdist Podcast #75: JAMES GUNN

Our first live podcast from @NerdMelt! We had a tweet-up to see the film Super (which was violent, adorable and awesome) and then brought director James Gunn (who also did “… more

Nerdist Podcast #74: SILLY TITLES

Chris sees Anthony Michael Hall (in the hall), Jonah is slowly healing and Matt gets an inversion table…. more

Casual Vomiting

On the season premiere of Web Soup we blew the lid off this hot new trend all the kids are into. Web Soup is now on every Wednesday at 8p… more

New Fleet Foxes Video Will Hug Your Brain

I love this friggin band. Their lilt-y chord changes and harmonies make my soul horny. That’s not weird, right? Helplessness Blues comes out May 3rd…. more

Web Soup RETURNS!!! Tonight, Even!!!

It has been many months…some said it would never happen…I may have been one of those people….but nevermind that now because ALL NEW EPS OF WEB SOUP… more

Nerdist Podcast #73: Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss invited us into his home to talk about traveling, snooty college clubs, knives, and his book, “The Four Hour Body”, which everyone on the show was implementing to… more

Christopher Coleman Has BFFs!!!

Christopher Coleman’s BFF in Boston Contest Winners Announced by Mr. Coleman himself!!! A month or so ago, a delightful young scamp named Chris Coleman emailed me with a proposition: he… more

Nerdist Podcast #72: Bionic Arm

I don’t feel like writing a description! How about that business?? You wanna know what happened on this episode??? WE TALKED ABOUT STUFF. The end…. more

Alderaan 5-Day Forecast

This was sent to me by Zak Kozberg, who when I asked for a source to credit responded thusly: “I really have no idea who created it, or who “owns”… more