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Nerdist Podcast #95: JERI RYAN

Holy craps! Jeri Ryan is simply the coolest. EVER. Super super smart, nice, funny and bee-YOO-tee-ful! On this ep we chat about Star Trek, autopsies, food, and weird mouth noises…. more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Nerds and Geeks Unite!

For the small percentage of you who read Entertainment Business literature, you may have already heard the following news: Nerdist Industries is partnering with Geek Chic Daily Here’s the full… more

Nerdist Podcast #94: JULIE BENZ

Julie Benz was an absolute joy! On this episode she talks Buffy, Dexter, traveling and puppies–AND WE ENJOYED EVERY SECOND OF IT!… more

Nerdist Podcast #93: ROBERT KIRKMAN

Recorded at NerdMelt in front of 120 Zombiphiles! Kirkman talks “Walking Dead”, Image Comics, and we invent the soon-to-be hot new fetish “Sasquatching”. PLUS a very special guest drops by!… more

Nerdist Podcast #92: Typical Internet

Chris reveals details of the forthcoming Nerdist TV show at BBC America! Jonah talks about “Team Jonah”, and Matt gets his first dose of the Web’s poisonous bite-y side…. more

Questionauts Ep 3: Breaking Into A Dwarf’s Mansion

KIT PONGETTI GUEST STARS, and the Questionauts riff on Dog Waste Disposal Systems, tell tales of bloody competition back in their bunker-dwelling days, and Justin gets confused for Bryant Gumbel…. more

Planking George Takei

Here is my humble submission to this delightful meme…. more

Nerdist Podcast #91: PATTON OSWALT

Mash-up madness! A “Time Bandits” reboot?? PLUS Patton talks about his writing process and his days as a budding comic. Info-larious!!! Patton’s book, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland is available here!… more

Nerdist Podcast #90: FINISH BOOK

Chris validates and rejects entries on his Wikipedia page, Jonah is doing his best with vodka & water, and Matt looks like Eugene Levy’s sister’s kid…. more

Nerdist Podcast #89: KEVIN PEREIRA

Attack of the Show fans! Host Kevin Pereira talks flash porn, the mystery of the “hoon”, advice for start-ups and the hunt for a new co-host. This episode was recorded… more


If you can think of a BETTER way to promote your post production house, then you are lying to yourself! Cuz this one is CAT-TASTIC. Well done, Whitehouse Post! via @feliciaday… more

Nerdist Podcast #88: ACID PARTY

Matt Mira talks about his first open mic at Meltdown! Bill-n-Ted-Talks! Rave music and you! Photosynth! A highly informative hostful episode indeed. This episode was brought to you by GoToMeeting…. more

The Questionauts Have Landed!

The Questionauts is the newest member of the Nerdist Podcast Network, in which hosts Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard (both TV comedy writers/producers in their day jobs) give the “… more

Number 87: ED HELMS

Bluegrass! The Office! Remote iPad control! A wide berth of topics to cure what ails ya (emotionally)! There’s a rap on the door of your heart…it’s Ed Helms!!! How… more


I am currently shattering my metacarpals applauding this concept. “BUT HOW ARE YOU TYPING???” Shut up! You must go over to CollegeHumor THIS INSTANT so that you may see how… more

Nerdist Podcast #86: DANA DEARMOND

One of our pals from way back, Dana Dearmond–aka “The Internet’s Girlfriend”–is an adult film lady who also happens to be a HUGE gamer and comedy nerd. Not surprisingly… more

Nerdist Podcast #85: DAMON LINDELOF

Damon Lindelof joins the Nerdists to discuss executive producing “Lost”, writing “Star Trek”, and cracking The Rudy Huxtable Conspiracy. Register, transfer or manage your domains at! Clean… more


Another bonus THIRD EPISODE this week! One-on-one chat with Carolla about the podcasting biz, our mutual attraction to Rob Lowe and how to make a Kathleen Turner tapenade. Nerdist Podcast… more

Animated Nerdist! feat. Kevin Smith

This slick business was done by Nerdist Podcast listener Daniel Spellman. He did this as an experiment to see if he should be pursuing animation. I say DEFINITELY YES. We… more

Nerdist Podcast #83: Neeemooo!!!

Chris has baseball questions, Jonah rocked Portland and Matt STILL loves the Dave Matthews Band. This episode brought to you by for video conferencing! Try it for free… more

Nerdist Podcast #1 on iTunes Today!

I know I know! This will change quickly probably cuz this stuff moves constantly, but it’s pretty dang cool for us to be the top comedy podacst right now. We… more

Nerdist Podcast #82: JIMMY FALLON

This chat with Jimmy was part of the magnificent PaleyFest ’11, a series of panels comprising cool shows you’ve heard of. This extended episode covers Fallon’s career as a comedy… more