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Nerdist News: From the Jim Henson Creature Shop!


Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

I’m doing it! Today! Live! At 5p PT! And here’s the link…… more

Starzlife Silent Films:
Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton

My friend Jarrett Grode made the following silent film to go with the above picture for Starzlife. It made me laugh, so now I pass the laughings onto YOU…at… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more


“Nose Aerobics.” It’s a thing. It’s a thing somebody thought of and talked another person into making it a physical reality. From the site (who claim “Clever Products… more

“Clunkiest Company Name” Award

Mike Phirman took this picture of me last night in the parking lot of a TGI Fridays, the only open good-time eatery we could find when we arrived in St…. more

Muppets Ring Xmas Bells

As long as Soapbox keeps making and leaking these to me, I’ll keep postin’ ‘em. And from what I understand, there will be more. For the first time in ages… more

REVIEW: Canon Powershot SD940


iPhone App Bitches to AT&T FOR You!!!

I must give credit to AT&T for at the very least giving the IMPRESSION that they care about their customers by letting them report geotagged coverage issues with… more

This Pic Slays Me.

via @rdeal1… more

1Q 1A: Paul F. Tompkins

To celebrate the release of Paul F. Tompkins’s's’s latest stand-up release Freak Wharf, I had the honor of sitting down with him as the inaugural personality for my 1Q1A series:… more

Kids In The Hall! New!

Actually, it’s just a Canadian trailer for their Canadian mini-series that airs next month in Canadia. (Get on the comedy ball, Uncle Sam) If you visit this site often then… more

All I Want For Christmas (Is To Rock)

FUN BACKSTORY A few years ago I played a character named Stacee Jaxx in a brand new 80s rock musical called “Rock of Ages,” written by my pal Chris D’Arienzo…. more


Yes, I know human fishing blooper Bill Dance has bloopers all over the Webs. Doesn’t make this any less funny to me. “Pull up Pull up, Kenny!” And I also… more

“Tiger Woods” by Dan Bern (NSFW)

Apparently there’s some kind of Tiger Woods scandal or other going on. I’m not really sure. The media outlets seem to be shy about covering it. In any case, it… more

Happy In Paraguay (NSFW)


Miley Cyrus Has A Potty Mouth

From today’s “Attack of the Show.” And, hey, it’s my 400th post! That seems significant for a reason!… more


I don’t care if this is old and you’ve seen it before. THIS IS THE MOST INSANE FACIAL HAIR FEAT EVER. Also great are the dudes in the crowd evacuting… more


Desktop-Wallpaper-Christmas has come a little early this year! The brilliant design mage Chris Glass, who happens to be responsible for the skin on this very site, has redefined a classic… more

Mickey Rourke’s Groove Salad

This is the most genius thing I’ve heard all week. Apparently the end credits of Rogue Warrior gives you an ambient/house song complete with swear-filled Mickey Rourke-isms from the… more

Kissing With Confidence

The brain is weird. When I popped out of bed this morning it spit up this song into my mind that I forgot ever existed. “Kissing With Confidence” was a… more

Mario vs. Queen vs. Your Brain

In what seems to be “Queen Covers Week” an Asian fellow has created this musical chaos that has so much business going on in it that it could stop even… more

Android Gets Boobs

Well, a massive rock has just been hurled at iPhone’s Isengard. A Seattle-based company called MiKandi is launching a porn delivery app for Android. Since orgasms are the carrot that… more

Rich Fulcher Flips Off LA

I feel honored that Rich chose my home city to do his flick-off kick-off. Song by Trash Money…. more

Time Traveler Essentials!

You obviously don’t need this poster if you’re a crazy, wild-eyed scientist who invented the time machine but chances are you’re the hapless lackey who accidentally activates it while fleeing… more