Nerdist was started by Chris Hardwick and has grown to be a many headed beast.


Nerdist Podcast: The Expressionless

It’s another spontaneous hostful! They talk about how lovely L.A. is when everyone is at Coachella, Matt and Jonah get into a bit that probably lasts too long, and they read a scary ghost story! Artwork by Fernando Pinto… more

I Don’t Understand Job [NSFW]

New Garfunkle & Oates video! I think I’m mentioned in here somewhere…… more

Human Pixel Pac-Man

I am rendered SPEECHLESS by this simple execution of genius! via LikeCool… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

New Capital One Campaign…

…starring ME. Yes, in a generous effort to help me fund the fledgling Nerdist “empire” a large company has decided that my hosting prowess, visibility and snark are enough to… more

Enlisting Node Warriors for Fort Lauderdale & D.C.

I have been beyond blown away–like, TRIPLE RAINBOW–at the success of the Nerdist street team program, aka, Node Warriors. These AWESOMETASTIC nerds have not only helped promote my live stand-up… more

Nerdist Podcast #35: JONATHAN COULTON

Jonathan Coulton is an hilarious musical nerd icon. If you don’t know who he is I am surprised, but this is a good place to meet him. We chat about… more

Come See Me Tape a Show in NY Next Week!

New Yorkers! New York visitors! Comedy likers! Television taping enthusiasts! I’m shooting a pilot episode of a new comedy game show for Comedy Central next Thursday in NYC. Sometimes with… more

Spacey/Deserty Art Show in LA, 9/17!

My gf Janet Varney, one of the co-founders/producers of SF Sketchfest, and her friend Jessica Makinson are together co-founding/producing a radtastic art installation called Fleeting Immersion at Tinlark… more

Comic-con Eye-Stabbing Shirt

Even if you weren’t there for the infamous mechanical pencil to the face incident, it’s still worth it. $20 over at design studio Mighty Fine… more

Sweet-Ass Bowling Trick Shots

Naturally I think this is awesome but I am pissed I didn’t do it first…. more

W…T…F… with the Hay Baler???

YOU MUST WATCH THIS. The video starts playing automatically on page load so click here to This goes from being severely Redneck to almost adorably Japanese. It is a top… more

Play Apple Announcement Bingo!

Welp, there’s another Apple announcement tomorrow morning, no doubt during which a turtlenecked Prometheus will descend upon Yerba Buena Center and share some kind of knowledge of the gods that… more

Nerdist Podcast #34: BILL MAHER

Bill Maher and I sat down (standing podcasting is weird) and had a terrific chat about comedy, finding your voice and Johnny Carson. This episode was generously sponsored by Squarespace,… more

Merengue Dog

That dress covers nothing. You can still TOTALLY see that dog’s snizz. via Jason Chen… more

Riva Starr’s Mustachioed Baby

Magnum, P.I.! (P.I.=Pinchable Infant)… more


I took this l’il guy’s pic at a LEGO store using Hipstamatic for iPhone, and subsequently was driven to throw it into the pile of one of the Internet’s most… more

100 Ways to Love a Cat

This falls under the category of grating-larious. I could not stop laughing but I was also shouting expletives at the same time. Yes, they go through ALL ONE HUNDRED WAYS… more

Pee-Wee Goes to Sturgis


Nerdist Podcast #33: Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins once yelled at Weird Al, Chris invents a nerd cereal, Jonah loves Morning Zoos and Matt left his glasses in the car. Probably next to a Dave… more

Nerdist Podcast #32: FELICIA DAY

Felicia Day! How could the Nerdist Podcast series ever be complete without her? Well, it can’t! But now that’s no longer a concern because here she is. Sure “Buffy” and “… more

Stand-Up! New York! This Weekend!

image courtesy of Node Warrior Scott Eric Johnson… more

New Contributors!

The den is expanding beautifully. I feel like a plump termite queen. Rachael Oehring – FOOD: You may have already seen her lickable screen shots of Princess Leia Cinnamon Rolls… more

My New Girlfriend

Just like the plot of Tadpoles! Ok well not really but this was the only person I asked to take a picture with at Comic-con. This was mere MINUTES after… more

Nerdist Podcast #31: FRED WILLARD

This podcast was recorded at Largo in front of many wonderful nerds on July 28th and featured the following awesome elements: David Koechner opening the show in character, Fred Willard… more