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Ubisoft Employee’s Tweet Hints at Next PRINCE OF PERSIA


by on April 23, 2014

Our first glimpse into the future of the Prince of Persia games might have just received an accidental tease, courtesy of a too-fast-on-the-tweet-button Ubisoft employee.

Engineer Drew James tweeted the image above hinting at… something on the way for the dormant platforming franchise. The last full-on, AAA game in the series was 2008′s cel-shaded Prince of Persia for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, which introduced a new setting and protagonist for the series, also kicking off speculation that “Prince of Persia” might become like Final Fantasy, describing unconnected games in the line.

It was followed up in 2010 by the multiplatform 2.5D side-scroller, The Sands of Time, which returned us to the hero of The Sands of Time trilogy.

If the rumors Armi pointed out earlier this week are to be believed, we could be looking at another 2D entry using the Rayman Legends framework (and those are some mighty fine-looking games). James’ tweet indicates that Ubisoft is planning some kind of reveal in the near future, likely at E3 in June.

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Chewin’ It with Kevin and Steve: Answering Your Questions!

This week Kevin & Steve answer the mail! Your questions answered!  In doing so they talk Super Troopers 2, favorite beers, Rocky, memorable road trips, and ZJs!!! Enjoy the chew!!

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Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!

Nerdist News 4.23 - Jurassic Park 4 Jurassic World Jessica Chobot thumbnail new

by on April 23, 2014

Hey there, friends! You ready to hear some dino-news? Hope so, cause we’ve got plenty on today’s Nerdist News!

On today’s show Jessica Chobot‘s tellin’ you how many new Jurassic Park movies we might be getting, spilling deets on the newly-announced Flash Gordon reboot, filling you in on a hot new Google Maps feature that lets you travel through time, and, of course, sharing your weekly Pull List with Dan Casey! Take that, Hump Day.

Enjoy the show, come on back for another tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below which dinosaur is your favorite!

Comic Book Club: Abraham Riesman

Abraham Riesman (Editor for New York Magazine, and writer for joins the boys to talk about his love for Mark Millar, and getting ripped to shreds for said love online. Plus reviews for Superior Spider-Man #31, Winter Soldier #3 and Batman #30.

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3578634-jlu_coverb_color_rev (2)

by on April 23, 2014

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz famously said, “My, people come and go so quickly here.” That quote could easily be applied to the cast of Justice League of America, a book that was launched barely a year ago and is now ending its run next month already. We barely knew the team of J’onn Jonzz, Stargirl, Catwoman, Vibe, Katana, Hawkman, Green Lantern Simon Baz, and Green Arrow before they were caught up in the crossover frenzy of Forever Evil, which will (presumably) disband their ranks, as this book picks up after the team is no more. The final issue of Justice League of America hits next month; Justice League United spins off the ending of JLA, but is actually coming out before the end of JLA. I know, it’s confusing.

I will say that I automatically liked this book better than Justice League of America, and we are just one issue in, despite using many of the same cast members and essentially being a sequel series of a sort. The premise of JLA was that the U.S. government set up a super team to take down the “big seven” of the real Justice League should the need arise. It’s a storyline that was done better on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon about ten years ago, and with writer Geoff Johns leaving the title early on, JLA just never really gained its momentum again. I guess I can see why the powers-that-be at DC decided to just start from scratch… again. Plus, hey, a new #1 issue never hurts in the sales department. Getting a hot writer like Jeff Lemire to take the reins also probably prompted another good reason to start over.


Originally announced as Justice League Canada, DC had a change of heart and re-titled the book Justice League United, although the team’s headquarters will still be in Canada, they have a native Canadian member (a Cree Nation heroine named Equinox whose back story is touched on in this zero issue, although she doesn’t actually meet her future teammates just yet), and the logo now has a cute little Canadian maple leaf in the letter “D” of United. Maybe they were afraid they’d become a punchline like Alpha Flight at Marvel, who knows? The main storyline is still called “Justice League Canada”, so they’re not totally shying away from the concept. I guess JLU has a better ring to it than JLC.

The book opens with the team attacking a space station where aliens are doing experiments on kidnapped children of various alien races. At this point, we see that the team consists of former JLA members Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Stargirl, along with newcomers Supergirl, Animal Man, and what appears to be Adam Strange. From here we flashback to “three days before” – it’s obviously some time after the events of Forever Evil, and although the outcome of said crossover is not really referenced too much, it’s fair to say the good guys win, but the JLA splits up as a result. Now seemingly forced to get by signing at fan conventions (that was fast), Stargirl and Animal Man encounter what at first they think is a crazy fan, but it turns out to be none other than Dr. Adam Strange, in his first New 52 appearance. Not quite a space jockey yet, but just an anthropologist who was working a dig in northern Ontario when his assistant (and girlfriend) vanished into thin air. Ignored by the regular authorities, he seeks some help of the superheroic kind.


Adam Strange convinces the two heroes to check out the site where his girlfriend vanished, and of course, aliens attack, as they tend to do in these circumstances. Luckily, two of Stargirl’s former JLA teammates, Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow, show up to help when Stargirl activates her JLA distress call (seriously, Vibe and Katana were too busy to show up?). Now, this is where the book gets fun, and is very, very reminiscent of the classic late ’80s/early ’90s run of Justice League International, from the writing duo of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis (who are currently writing Justice League 3000) where the emphasis was as much on comedy as it was on superheroics. Green Arrow openly mocks Animal Man and his powers, Stargirl snickers, and J’onn has to be the straight man and remind everyone that they’re in public and have to behave like grown ups. I could have sworn we were dealing with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold here in an old issue of JLI.. and that’s a good thing. Another reason it probably reminded me so much of the classic JLI years is no doubt due to the art of Mike McKone, who got his start years ago drawing issues of the Justice League International team. His art has only improved with time, and it was welcome to see his pencils again after what seemed like a long time.


Although there is nothing Earth-shatteringly new in this book, it has an old school charm that is fun to read, and so far I like this team, and although future members Hawkman, Supergirl and new character Equinox haven’t joined yet, we know they’re coming. Writer Jeff Lemire, who just completed the recent run of Animal Man, brings a different tone to this book, and shows how much range he has as a writer, as this book reads really differently from Animal Man, despite the fact that the character is a main cast member here. With so many of the New 52 books being hell bent on being so much “darker and grittier”, it’s refreshing to see one that seems intent on being light and fun. For now, that’s enough to get me to stick around.


Inside Valiant: Dead Teens, Hobo Treasure, Ghosts, and a Return to the 41st Century


by on April 23, 2014

For a company keeping a lot of secrets in 2014, Valiant sure wasn’t shy about laying out some of what was coming down the pipe, with regular series like X-O Manowar and Harbinger as well as upcoming titles and events like May’s Rai and this summer’s Armor Hunters. At WonderCon, a panel moderated by Director of Marketing Hunter Gorinson featured writers Robert Vinditti (Armor Hunters, X-O Manowar), David Baron (colorist on Shadowman), James Asmus (Quantum and Woody), Joshua Dysart (Harbinger), and CEO Dinesh Shamdasani.

“We heard something from you guys that was very interesting to us,” Shamdasani says of hearing that fans have reported being most excited about reading the Valiant titles among their pull list. With that in mind, the publisher plans to have a new number one issue every month from May onward throughout 2014 as part of their Valiant First initiative.

Matt Kindt’s and Clayton Henry’s Rai is the first title in that initiative – a project that’s been in development for at least nine months, according to Shamdasani. Gorinson says the first issue is essentially a murder mystery, telling the story of the first homicide in the 41st century.

The release of the first issue of Rai will be supported with a “Plus” edition, which includes 16 additional pages of in-universe content (you would have had to have pre-ordered the first issue at your comic shop before a cut-off date earlier this year). The additional material includes a map of Japan as well as fake ads/propaganda that fleshes out the mythology of the world (one segment introduces “Lu La Lee” a propaganda action hero used to coax Japanese citizens to not leave).

X-O Manowar has gone to a second printing, introducing the Armor Hunters. Writer Robert Vinditti talked about bringing the secret organization M.E.R.O. into the Valiant universe, as well as the character of Malgam. He teased Malgam as being the source of many of fan questions about the X-O armor.

How Malgam connects to the X-O armor as well as the Armor Hunters will be revealed in that four-issue miniseries. Doug Braithwaite is on art with Laura Martin on colors. The story will open with Aric and his followers in their Nebraska enclave as the Armor Hunters make their way toward Earth.

Meanwhile, X-O Manowar #25 will be a 48-page milestone issue, featuring art by Bryan Hitch, J.G. Jones, and more. Pick that one up if you’re looking for another tale of the Armor Hunters.

Vinditti showed off a few of the character designs from artist Clayton Crain as well as pages from the first issue of Armor Hunters. Among those was Ginger the Giant Robot, whose design (and an upcoming storyline) was inspired by the old-school game Berserk.

The events of Armor Wars (as well as a falling out with the H.A.R.D. Corps) will bring Bloodshot to the team with issue #9 of that series. Issues #22 and 23 of Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps will feature a major upheaval in Project: Rising Spirit. Gorinson says that if you’re attached to too many of the H.A.R.D Corps, he feels very sorry for you.

Bloodshot will then meet Livewire, a member of Unity, leading to his membership in the team as well as the July mini, Armor Hunters: Bloodshot, while the Renegades will be featured in Armor Hunters: Harbinger. That book will show readers the Generation Zero team, child soldiers who have broken free of the Harbinger foundation, and are idealogically very different from the Renegades. Writer Joshua Dysart says this is a smaller story, taking place in a corner of the universe while the big fight is going on.

Harbinger #23 will kick off the “Death of a Harbinger” two-issue arc where one character meets his or her end. Dysart says that this will change the emotional content and direction of the series. Gorinson says that #23 in particular reveals a moment where villain Toyo Harada pushes himself harder than he has in the series so far. “More than just super powers clashing,” Dysart says, “it’s more about who can out think who.”

July will bring Harbinger #25, which will bring back original series artist Khari Evans as well as Justin Jordan, Dan Goldman, Barry Kitson, and more. It’s also the last issue of the series, continuing in the three-issue Harbinger Omegas with art by Rafa Sandoval. That story will show the consequences of Toyo Harada being outed as a Harbinger, and what that means when the Steve Jobs of this world is shown to be a robber baron and supervillain as we check in on what remains of Harada’s empire as well as the surviving renegades. “Harada without legitimacy,” Dysart says, “is the most dangerous thing in the world.”

“This whole last five issues of the series has been interesting for me,” Dysart says. He said that it was a challenge killing off a member of the team – what he feels is essentially removing that character’s potential from the universe for the foreseeable future.

Quantum and Woody writer James Asmus joked that he’s only communicated with series artist (and new colorist) Kano through text. Describing the Swamp Thing artist’s style as “sex punch,” Asmus says Kano has jumped in volunteering new layouts and angles. Kano’s work on these two issues lead to his being brought on to the Quantum and Woody/Archer and Armstrong crossover, The Delinquents. Fred Van Lente is writing and there are hobos involved, apparently. Without revealing the plot, Asmus says it was a chance to throw the four characters into an It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World scenario based, in part, on the “hobo code,” with our characters attempting to find Big Rock Candy Mountain, home of the treasure of the King of the Hobos. The map was previously scrawled on the buttocks of a hobo, which was subsequently flayed and split, with Armstrong carrying around a half in bottomless satchel.

Archer and Armstrong is starting a new arc in issue #20, “American Wasteland,” which will be focused on Hollywood conspiracies. According to Gorinson, the duo will discover that the song “Hotel California” was about a real place. Pere Perez is on art and colorist David Baron says that the end of this arc will make you a fan of Archer and Armstrong for life.

Finally, there’s Jen Van Meter’s The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage, with art by Roberto de la Torre and covers by Travel Foreman. Shamdasani says this story allows them to do something different, that it’s a smaller story. When we first meet medium Sharon Mirage, her husband Hwen has died and she’s unable to communicate with him. Van Meter has come up with a twist on Operation Paperclip, in which ex-Nazis were recruited to bring supernatural powers into a secret war between the global powers. Dr. Mirage assists a millionaire ex-Nazi tethered to a demon who recruits her to help keep the demon from following him into hell. In that way, she’ll be reunited with her husband in a darker twist on the lighthearted original comic.

Amazon Partners with HBO To Stream Several Series (But Not GAME OF THRONES)


by on April 23, 2014

If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for Amazon Prime at $99 per year, we have some news that may affect your decision: They’ve just signed an exclusive deal with HBO to stream several HBO series beginning Wednesday, May 21st. Before you ask, no, this does not include Game of Thrones or True Detective. The agreement does cover many other older series that could be on your to-watch list. I know they’re on mine.

Amazon Prime will be the only online streaming service where you can watch The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, Big Love, Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, Family Tree, Enlightened, and early seasons of Boardwalk Empire and True Blood. You’ll also be able to watch mini-series such as Band of Brothers and John Adams. Early seasons of other shows like Girls and Veep will eventually be available as well, about three years after they’ve aired on HBO.


Additionally, owners of Amazon’s Fire TV will be able to access HBO Go by the end of the year.

This is a big win for Amazon in the online streaming battle; It will be interesting to see what Netflix does to counter this move.

Which of these series are you most looking forward to watching? Let us know in the comments.

Filming for the TERMINATOR Reboot Just Kicked off in New Orleans


by on April 23, 2014

Principal photography for the still-unnamed Terminator reboot/sequel thing just kicked off in New Orleans today, with director Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones, Thor: The Dark World) at the helm.

In this morning’s press release from Paramount, producers Skydance Productions wanted to remind us all that the next installment in the franchise was actually happening after months of furious casting for the very hush-hush project from Avatar and Shutter Island writer Laeta Kalogridis and Drive Angry writer Patrick Lussier. To recap, Arnold is back, joined by Jason Clarke as Kyle Reese, Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, and Jai Courtney as John, while J.K. Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi, and Byung Hun Lee round out the cast.

The shape of the movie is still up in the air, but recently, Schwarzenegger sat down with Chris during the Nerdist Podcast to tease out some details about his involvement in the film.

The film hits screens July 1, 2015.

Simon Kinberg Discusses Canon Source For New STAR WARS Films

star wars canon_featured

by on April 23, 2014

In case you didn’t know, the Star Wars universe has different levels of canon. For example, G-canon is George Lucas canon. It primarily includes the six existing films. The Expanded Universe (EU), the books, comics, and games written within the Star Wars galaxy have a classification of Continuity Canon, or C-canon. Basically, anything that exists on film overrides any events that only happened in the EU. There are stories that take place after Return of the Jedi in the EU, and among other occurrences, Han and Leia are married with children, and Luke meets and marries Mara Jade.

Fans of the EU have been wondering whether the new Star Wars films would use material from those stories, but according to Simon Kinberg, they won’t. In an interview with IGN, the producer, who is working on Star Wars Rebels, Episode VII, and an unnamed Star Wars spin-off discussed the EU in relation to Rebels and the upcoming movies.

Kinberg said that Rebels is pulling inspiration from the EU, and that C-canon material could even be incorporated into the series. However, the movies will not go to the EU well. According to Kinberg, “I know, for the [Star Wars] movies, the canon is the canon. And the canon is the six films that exist.”

Watch the clip from the IGN interview:

All this means is that the films will be new stories. It isn’t terribly surprising that those involved with the new films would want to create their own path rather than being beholden to existing stories they didn’t write. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some similarities though, like Han and Leia getting married.

What this quote does not mean is that Disney is ending or completely scrubbing the EU from existence. Even if they do make that decision, they can’t come into our homes and take away the books and comics on our shelves. We’ll always have them. But as of right now, there’s no reason to worry about EU content going away.

How do you feel about this news? Let us know in the comments…

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