Feast Your Eyes On This International DRACULA UNTOLD Trailer

Many Dracula films only provide a bat-morphing, blood-sucking monster with no glimpse at the man beneath, so hearing the words, “I want the power to destroy my enemies and save my family,” from the titular character is a bit startling. Legendary’s upcoming reboot Dracula Untold premieres October 17, 2014, and by the end of this new international trailer, you might just be rooting for the blood-eater too.

Dracula Untold retells the historical origin story of Dracula, specifically the reign of Vlad Dracula, a/k/a Vlad the Impaler, a Romanian prince who ruled the area from 1456-1462. Originally mythologized by Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula, the violent story of princes clashing through Turkish, Eastern European, and religious history all couched in the grandeur of the Holy Roman Empire continues to fascinate audiences, or we wouldn’t be getting new interpretations of it. It would seem we will see the softer side of the notoriously ruthless prince as he sacrifices his humanity to protect his beloved wife and child in the face of military aggression from Mehmed II, the Ottoman conquerer who figures in heavily to the historical story of Vlad the Impaler.

Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon will play Dracula and his wife, Morena, opposite Dominic Cooper as Mehmed II and Samantha Barks as Baba Yaga, a beautiful woman who becomes a powerful witch. Charles Dance also stars as Caligula, the Roman emperor-turned-vampire, who transforms Vlad into the creature of legend.

Dracula Untold is meant to relaunch the Universal Monster franchise so perhaps we can look forward to more darkly sympathetic action horror films in the years to come. Who would you most like to see on the big screen again? Tell us in the comments below.

[Image: Legendary]

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