Who Was That Voice in the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY End Credits Scene? [Massive Spoilers]

Please, for the love of all that is the Mighty Thor, stop reading this post if you don’t want the post-credits stinger for Guardians of the Galaxy spoiled. There be a casting reveal below and we don’t want anyone getting upset that we didn’t warn you. So consider yourself warned.

Are you good? Are we good? Good.

Seth Green was the voice of Howard the Duck in the post-credits stinger. The Robot Chicken co-creator, Family Guy voice actor, and once and future Oz lent his voice to the cantankerous mallard in the final scene set in the Collector’s lair. So is Green’s work here just a one-off or a herald of more Howard to come? Personally, I’d love for the character to return somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic U and dug the little bit of time Green had with Howard.

It is believed Howard was the larger role originally offered to Nathan Fillion that James Gunn previously spoke of, but the actor passed hoping to play a larger role in the physical Marvel Cinematic Universe. What that role might one day be is yet to be decided, but with Joss Whedon and James Gunn directing Marvel films, it’s hard to imagine a world where Fillion doesn’t eventually show up.

For those of you going “Howard who,” the character was created in 1973 by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik over in the pages of Adventure Into Fear of all places. In the comics, Howard was from a world populated by duck-people, dragged to our through a portal in the middle of the Everglades thanks to a Man-Thing adventure gone awry (as one will do).

It’s not so weird seeing Howard out in the depths of space: Gerber and subsequent writer would plug Howard into superheroic and cosmic adventures, which would in turn serve as a platform for Howard’s often misanthropic rants against human nature, politics, the economy, and the media.

Many of you probably know this isn’t Howard’s first time on the big screen: he was voiced by Chip Zien in the 1986 film produced by George Lucas.

Doesn’t he look a lot like Donald Duck? Disney seemed to think so, and for a while – before the studio bought out Marvel – Howard’s design had to be tweaked so he wouldn’t resemble pop culture’s other other angry bird (let’s not forget Daffy). First, Marvel put him in pants, then later gave him a drastic makeover in the fourth volume of his comic under artist Juan Bobillo.

But since the buyout, Marvel’s been free to use the original Howard look in comics and once again, on the big screen.



What do you think? Would you want more Seth Green as Howard? Sound off in the comments.

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