Wait a Second… There’s Dalek Inspiration in DOCTOR WHO’s New TARDIS?

We never thought we’d see the day where the TARDIS would nab itself some inspiration from the Daleks of all races, but such is the time and space we live in now. Man oh man, that Time War really has changed everything on Doctor Who, hasn’t it?

The BBC revealed a new video today and it’s a pretty big treat for all us Whovians out there: a tour of the brand spankin’ new TARDIS in which Twelve and Clara will zip about the universe, fighting off baddies and saving all those good folks out there from the brink of destruction. Led by the series’ production designer, Michael Pickwoad, it highlights the various control panels and brand new additions our scholarly and darkly devious new Doctor needed in order to really take flight.

The bookish new TARDIS — mostly because, hey, look at all those bookshelves lining the mezzanine level! — still has its lever-y bits and pully-wully doodads, but it also has new features like a more intuitive control panel looking weirdly right at home along side a few serious basics. Like… chalkboards? And 18th century, filigreed bookshelves? This truly is a brave new world we’re heading into, isn’t it? But it’s like they always say, knowledge is power (and sometimes technology is fallible so best to have a few hard copies of history around just in case).

Naturally this got us dreaming about what our own Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine would look like. We have to admit: we’re sorta digging the book look, if we’re being honest.

What would your iteration of the TARDIS look like? Are you a fan of the newest model? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

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