Three New DOCTOR WHO Clips Show a Very Dark Twelfth Doctor

From the trailers we’ve seen of Doctor Who‘s new series, Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor looks to be a bit of a darker, less feeling, perhaps angrier Doctor. A short report by BBC News’ Lizo Mzimba shows a couple of clips that look like, yes, he’s a lot bristlier than any of the Doctors we’ve seen in the new series. What did we expect from the man who played the shouty, sweary Malcolm Tucker on Armando Iannucci’s The Thick of It and In the Loop? He’s not going to be all hearts and flowers now, is he? Have a look at the piece.

It begins with the “Tell me, am I a good man?” scene which we’ve seen before, and Clara’s response of “Don’t know,” but in this we get to see the next little bit, where the Doctor looks annoyed that she doesn’t have an answer for him. Almost like a “What good are you?” facial expression. A bit harsh, but if this Doctor is going to benefit from anyone’s interaction, it’s probably going to be with Clara, easily one of the most feeling companions on the new series.

The next little bit comes from a Dalek episode (still no title released) featuring guest stars Michael Smiley and Zawe Ashton. In it, we understand the role Clara will play for this Doctor; not a companion, not an assistant, but a “carer,” the one who shows emotion to keep the Doctor’s morality in place. He’s apparently not at all empathetic. We then see him fascinated by the idea of a Dalek that has become so warped that it’s actually GOOD. That’s something we haven’t really seen since, well, Oswin “Souffle Girl” Oswald. That’s very interesting. Quite.

How are you finding this new, darker Doctor? He still seems like the Doctor to me, but he’s definitely going to be less goofy and jovial. I’m okay with that; are you? Let’s talk below!

HT: Doctor Who TV

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