Supergiant Is Streaming the TRANSISTOR Soundtrack, Puts Game on Sale

Need a little weekend listening? Did you love the Transistor soundtrack? Then you’re in luck, because developer Supergiant (Bastion) has put the extended version of the OST up on YouTube for your enjoyment this weekend.

For those of you who haven’t played Transistor, the hybrid real-time/turn-based action-RPG puts you in the role of Red, a mute woman toting around the titular talking sword. Together Red and Transistor will hack and slash their way though a futuristic city.

The two-hour soundtrack by composer Darren Korb can also be yours to own legally through the Supergiant store for $9.99 digitally, and $14.99 on CD. Both the 60-minute and extended cuts of the soundtrack are available digitally (why you would get the shorter one, I don’t know).

To go along with the sale, Supergiant has also cut the price on Transistor on Steam for the weekend, dropping it down to $13.39.


[via Joystiq]

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