Step Away From The Cell Phone…Or At Least Don’t Drunk Text Your Whovian Friends

Everyone has been guilty of it. You’re out late at night. You’ve had a few too many beers, or a whole lot of sugar if alcohol isn’t your mind-altering substance of choice. You’re in the back of a cab or your best friend’s car, and no one is paying attention to you. And your phone is right there, with a full contact book, just waiting for you to remember it.

Now if you’re very lucky, you may count among your close friends, who you would totally text in this altered state, a Whovian or two. Be very, very careful about texting them. If they have any sense of humor, they might take you on a wild ride of adventure and make you think you’re Sally Sparrow. At least, that’s what happened to this poor soul when he decided to drunkenly text message a stranger late at night:

whovian drunk text 1

According to the source of this epic text message conversation, their friend decided to have a little fun when she got a drunken text message from a stranger one evening. If you haven’t seen Doctor Who‘s Blink, we don’t recommend that you click through the gallery or read the whole thing from start to finish. It will, most certainly, spoil a number of plot points from one of the arguably best episodes of Doctor Who. 

If you have seen it, read away, and have a laugh at this poor guy’s situation. And next time you’re on your way home from a night out with your friends, do what this writer does, distract yourself with Facebook and all the recommended friends it lists for you. You never know…that could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Do you think this poor dude is Companion material? Tell us in the comments below!

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