Nerdist Premiere: TV Girl Share Music Video For ‘Birds Don’t Sing’

TV Girl are an L.A.-based indie pop outfit whose debut album, French Exit, sounds buoyantly carefree and  upbeat upon first listen, until you take the time to process the often glum and foreboding lyrics. This juxtaposition between bright, floral arrangements and contemplative, bummed-out lyrics is what makes this excellent debut such a rewarding replay, as you consistently have to reconcile how something that is sonically sunny/dreamy can sound like its languishing somewhere on a pile of plucked petals (the-love-me-not pile).

But don’t fret! The guys from TV Girl are administering a dose of summertime gladness with a Nerdist video premiere of their latest single, “Birds Don’t Sing”. Watch above as our protagonist makes a plea to a possessed devil bird to make his GF love him and then get several mouthfuls of feathers when the girlfriend attacks him Basic Instinct style with a lil baby chiclet. So Cute! So Sad! So Jarring! This is exactly the balance that TV Girl manages maintain throughout their record and the reason we’re excited to see how they continue to develop their off-kilter brand of shiny/gloomy pop. More possessed fake birds pls.

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