Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘The Pit’ by Doctor P and Adam F feat. Method Man

Thank you movie studio gods for blessing us with an original summer comedy! Finally!

After a dry season, both in soul-parching heat and in laughter, Let’s Be Cops finally opened and audiences across America can laugh off their comedy-starved tushies.

After it’s promising Tuesday night release, and an even more promising check-in with the cast at San Diego Comic Con, Let’s Be Cops is this year’s silly-dude-hang-fest (a term I’m trying to coin). That’s not to say the mega blockbuster super-hero movies didn’t get their laughs because, let’s face it, dancing Baby Groot is the best thing that’s ever happened to anyone ever. The point is, there’s an original comedy on screens, and it doesn’t suck! Hurrah!

In celebration, today’s track is the movie’s theme song, “The Pit by Doctor P and Adam F feat. Method Man. The track is a bawdy rap banger, and the music video features very epic, graphic-novel style animation with lots of guns, rain, and gas masks. Simply put, it made me feel badass driving around in my little blue Hyunadi hatchback… and that’s saying something.

Enjoy this mega-intense rap ear-ritto!

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