Music Geek Track Of The Day: Arcade Fire cover the BACK TO THE FUTURE Theme

Damn you, Arcade Fire! Why do you always have to be so friggin’ awesome? It honestly feels like every other day, the Grammy-winning is throwing us curve balls. From their beautiful, “We Exist” video, in which we got Andrew Garfield dressed in drag, to their recent frenzy of covers, the band is like that little ADD kid some of us (all of us) used to be who was way too excited to be content sitting in one place. Much less annoying that little kid though.

Today, we’ve been blessed with a brand spanking new cover, and its the kind of cover that will make you want dirty up your white Marty McFly sneakers on the dance floor. Last night in Edmonton, Alberta, Arcade Fire aced a version of Huey Lewis & the News’ “Back In Time”or more commonly known as the theme song from Back To The Future.

The song was meant as a tribute to Michael J. Fox, who was born in Edmonton. At this juncture, we can only hope that this slue of covers will result in a giant album, though I’m just speculating (avidly awaiting) here. All we really know for sure is what that show was missing: The Butler bros on hover boards.

Nerds! Tell us what song you would want Arcade to cover in your hometown!

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