Marvel Re-releases HOWARD THE DUCK Omnibus This October

Marvel’s satirical answer to Donald Duck (and now his corporate sibling) Howard the Duck has been getting some long overdue attention lately, thanks to a blink-and-ya-missed-it cameo in a certain Marvel movie that’s out right now. Created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik in 1973, Howard the Duck would go on to become a staple of the Marvel comics of the seventies, a more mainstream version of the underground political satire comics that were popular at the time. He was popular enough to get a big Hollywood movie in 1986 produced by George Lucas, which went on to bomb fantastically, and be the world’s first proof that Lucas wasn’t perfect. It is a movie worth checking out though, if only for Lea Thompson’s amazing hair. Howard was the very first Marvel movie ever made (not counting the 1944 Captain America serial film starring Dick Purcell), and if you’re wondering why it took another twelve years before there was another one, well…once you watch Howard the Duck, all will become clear.

Born on a planet populated by talking waterfowl, Howard the Duck found himself “trapped on a world he never made!” as each cover would shout. Described by Marvel as “the archetypal outsider, Howard waddled his way through the Marvel Universe for years armed with nothing but his razor sharp wit.” Now, thanks to the resurgence in interest in Howard, the Howard The Duck Omnibus hardcover returns for a brand new printing; Experience the groundbreaking adventures of this wild waterfowl all over again, or for the first time ever when these iconic Marvel stories return to print this October. Collecting stories from Adventures Into Fear #19, Man-Thing #1, Giant-Size Man-Thing #4-5, Howard the Duck #1 -33, Marvel Treasury Edition #12, and Marvel Team-Up #96, these are the essential Howard the Duck issues from his heyday in the seventies. The Howard the Duck Omnibus hardcover hits comic shops this October, the first time it’s been in print in nearly six years.

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