It’s Guardians of the Bebop: a COWBOY BEBOP/GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Mash-Up

Did you enjoy one of Nerdist’s favorite films of the summer, Guardians of the Galaxy? Are you also a fan of bounty-hunting intergalactic travelers from the year 2071? How about if we mash ‘em up and create something new and fun and different? Well then wait no more, fair nerds, because the Internet has something for you. It’s a Cowboy Bebop/Guardians of the Galaxy mash-up trailer and it’s here right now! Ain’t life grand when it can be repurposed and given shiny, new life on the Internet?

Utilizing clips from both the series and its movie iteration, the adventures of a motley bounty hunter crew traveling through space on a ship called Bebop fits right in line with the motley crew of outlaws traveling through space on a ship called Milano. Boy oh boy do the mash-ups keep on coming!

This time we’ve got Spike Spiegel as Star-Lord, Faye Valentine as Gamora, Jet Black as Drax the Destroyer, Edward as Rocket Raccoon and Ein (the most ADORABLE wee lil corgi fella) as Groot “I am Groot” Groot.

Now if only we lived in a world where we could finagle prolific Bebop composer Yoko Kanno to remix all of the Guardians of the Galaxy songs for an Awesome Remix Vol. 1. Wouldn’t that just be the dreamiest?

What mash-up with Guardians would you like to see next? Maybe Guardians of the Bell (a Saved By The Bell/GOTG mash-up)? Or Friends of the Galaxy (wherein Chandler Bing would most certainly be Star-Lord). Can you think up any clever ones we’ve yet to see? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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