In case you missed it, our own Derek Miller was recently on Comedy Central’s Drunk History performing a very true – and admittedly intoxicating – story of the birth of that behemoth of entertainment, Mickey Mouse, and Disney, the man (well, men) behind the magic.

As you can see from this quick snippet of the wildly popular Drunk History, not all went well for good old Walt and his business partner right away, but they soon found exactly what they were looking for through dedicated hard work and a little innovation in the animation department. It’s amazing to think that at one point the epic worlds created by Disney and his crew were just dreams, especially when they now cover thousands of square acreage around the world and pretty much corner the market on providing toddlers with their first legal addictive substance.

Derek Miller is a talented improv performer who we here at Nerdist are lucky enough to call family. He teaches at the Nerdist School, which offers classes in improv, sketch, TV writing, storytelling, animation, and more. In addition to his improv and teaching, Miller has worked on TBS’s Wedding Band, and Comedy Central’s Secret Girlfriend.

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