Holy Cats! Chris Hardwick is Presenting an Emmy Award on Monday

Well here’s an exciting bit of news from our fearless leader, Chris Hardwick. The overlord of all things nerdy will be trading in “points!” for “Emmy!” on Monday as a presenter at the fancy-schmancy television academy awards ceremony. And, no surprise here, he’s more gleeful than a SpongeBob in a room full of perfectly cooked crabby patties.

The @nerdist himself took to Twitter (of all the places!) to announce the news alongside his trusty, uh, nightlight (we’d judge but we have a TARDIS one in our own bedroom, so, y’know) version of Mr. SquarePants, emoting with the same sort of ferocity we’ve all come to expect from the ‘wick. ”

“I AM PRESENTING AN AWARD AT THE EMMYS MONDAY,” he tweeted with some serious all-caps glee. “My SpongeBob nightlight knows how I feel.” To which we were all pointed to photographic evidence on this buried-the-lede story, over on Instagram. Man does this dude know how to social media all of the social medias or WHAT?

Naturally, we’re just as curious as you undoubtedly are to know which Emmy category Hardwick is set to present. If only @midnight were not on hiatus, because news such as this would clearly be prime territory for Hashtag Wars, eh? If only the Television Academy gave out statues for “Cleverest Doctor Who Reference” or “Most Likely to End Up as a Meme” categories. Though anything is possible in this brave new world of ours.

What would your “Chris Hardwick is presenting an Emmy Award” hashtag wars hashtag be? Leave a few of ‘em in the comments or, heck: tweet ‘em to us on Twitter! It’s more fun when we all play along, eh?

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