Help Petition For A Weird Al Super Bowl Halftime Show!

One of the live event staples of any year, the Super Bowl halftime show is infamous for performances by some of the music industry’s hottest performers including Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Prince and Madonna. But, if fans have their way, another name could be added to the list, that of Billboard chart topping artist and our dear friend, Weird Al Yankovic.

In a not-at-all bizarre twist, given the rabid fanbase the musician has gained over the decades, a fan campaign has been launched to make Weird Al the featured act at 2015’s NBC-hosted Super Bowl. The petition already features over 79,000 signatures since launching earlier this week, with the following message being sent to the NFL:



Have Weird Al Yankovic headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show.


[Your name]

Clean, simple and to the point.

Honestly, there’s nothing we want to see more than Weird Al headlining the most watched television event in history. It’d be a real opportunity for the NFL to cater to all demographics because, as his new bestselling album Mandatory Fun indicated, Weird Al speaks to anyone and everyone, especially after his #8videos8days campaign that took the internet by storm last month.

So please, NFL, for all of us, take these signatures seriously as a real opportunity to speak to the masses at large. Make “Weird Al” your featured act at Super Bowl XLIX’s halftime show, for the betterment of mankind.

How much do you want to see a Weird Al Super Bowl halftime show? Let us know in the comments below, and  sign the petition brethren!


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