Hardwatch: Week of August 11th, 2014

Hello nerds, are you having a good weekend? Good! Well, before you return to those festivities of the ice cream and Netflix variety, we just wanted to take an opportunity to welcome you to the first edition of Hardwatch, a one-stop-shop for all things Chris Hardwick that will be happening in the upcoming week.

First up is an alert for you that Chris will be dropping by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night along with Katie Holmes and musical guest, OneRepublic. This is one late night talk show to most definitely not miss, so either tune in live or be sure to set that DVR (the episode will also be available via digital outlets Tuesday morning).

We can’t promise more Talking Bread skits or Marty McFly cosplay interviews, but we can promise a solid good time being had on your television screen (or other viewing device of your choosing) starting at 11:35pm tomorrow on NBC.

Now, while @Midnight is taking the week off, it doesn’t mean The Tonight Show will be the only place to catch Chris; he will also be performing with Marc Maron, Louis C.K., Bill Burr and a host of other great comics as part of The Oddball Festival. His next dates for the tour will be in Bristow, VA on the 21st; Wantagh, NY on the 22nd and Clarkston, MI on the 29th. Tickets for these events can be found at

As always, to keep up to date with all things Hardwick, be sure to follow him on twitter @Nerdist and Instagram, as well as listen to the Nerdist Podcast.

Hardwatch out.

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