Are you hooked on a feeling and sugary desserts? justJENN has the perfect treat to get you in the mood for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The sci-fi action film is out in theaters this weekend, and from what I’ve heard from friends and seen in trailers, Rocket Raccoon and his buddy Groot are going to steal the show. Groot is an alien who looks like a tree and though he only says one phrase, he apparently makes every “I am Groot” count. You can practice the quote while you make and eat these delicious looking Groot cookies.


Jenn came up with the genius idea and sketched until she got the right design. Then she assembled an army of edible Groots from brown sugar cookies, chocolate frosting, black frosting, and matcha powder. Since there are only a handful of ingredients, you can whip up these cookies in no time and share them with friends while you’re waiting outside the movie theater to see the band of outlaws/heroes in action.

The brown sugar cookies only take about ten minutes to bake, so the hardest part of the recipe will be waiting for the cookies to cool completely before you decorate them. And you must wait otherwise Groot’s chocolate bark will turn into a melted mess. The finishing touch is applying matcha green tea powder to the tops of the cookies with a pastry paintbrush; it’s absolutely perfect for the moss on Groot’s little head. He almost looks too adorable to devour. Almost.

Get the full recipe and instructions at justJENN recipes.

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