FX Reveals AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Freak Show Premiere Date

Wondering when you’d finally get to go to the Freak Show? Wonder no more – FX has dated the fourth season of American Horror Story, for a Wednesday, October 8 at 10pm PT/ET debut on the cable network.

The current season, subtitled Freak Show, takes the action away from the witch house with last season’s Coven and into the grimy confines of a carnival sideshow.

Last month, the network released the first teaser images for the season which would feature, among other medical oddities, Sarah Paulson as a two-headed woman.

There’s a pretty great tradition of freak show horror in film and television, going all the way back to Todd Browning’s Freaks to one of the best episodes of Tales from the Crypt, to absolutely everything about this little ’90s gem.

[Source: JoBlo]

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