Fans Make SUPERNATURAL’s Mark Sheppard His Very Own Funko POP! Toy

Before the Supernatural panel started at Comic-Con, someone stepped onto the stage and put the Funko POP! figures of Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Castiel in front of the placards for the actors. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins all had toys, but Mark Sheppard’s character Crowley hasn’t been turned into a vinyl figure just yet. A quick substitute was assembled from a paper cup, stir sticks, and foil, but the resemblance wasn’t quite there. Okay, not even close. Sheppard teased about the lack of a Crowley toy throughout the panel.

handmade crowley toy

He didn’t have to despair, though. Fans were on the case. Jen and John of EPBOT saw tweets about Sheppard’s little misfit toy and knowing they would see him the following weekend at a convention in Orlando, they decided to customize a vinyl figure and create Crowley. It didn’t matter that they’d never approached a project quite like this one before. They figured it out and produced this wicked Crowley toy in only three days. I love and admire their dedication.

crowley toy 1

Because the toy wasn’t enough, John made custom packaging to go with it to match the other boxes in Funko’s Supernatural line. Details, you guys. Wow. It looks like an official product, doesn’t it?

They presented Crowley to Sheppard at CONjure, and he took a picture with John and Jen (below) and has shared pics of the toy on Twitter.

Head over to EPBOT to read more about this incredibly cool custom Crowley toy. Fingers crossed that this helps motivate Funko to get a King of Hell figure out on the market.

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