Zombies Attack A Beauty Pageant In Little Dragon’s Music Video for ‘Pretty Girl’

Ever wonder how the plot of Miss Congeniality would have changed if Sandra Bullock was a blood-lusting member of the undead, and the Miss America pageant was just a shitty local competition at a dumpy outdoor bar? Well then, GREAT NEWS GUYS, Little Dragon‘s new music video for “Pretty Girls” from their new album, Nabuma Rubberband, imagines that brilliantly twisted cinematic daydream.

As bleakly humorous as this zombie-filled video for “Pretty Girls” is, it actually makes a lot of thematic sense. The song is a very beautifully written admonishment against aspiring only to vaguely youthful ideals, and ultimately becoming a victim of those aspirations. The soulless (but also soulful?) zombie winning this backyard pageant is oddly poignant.

After checking out the music video for “Pretty Girls” below, check out their last video for the track “Paris,” right here.

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