Weird Al’s Sports Song Will Have You Cheering

Man, we are really loving this whole #8videos8days thing from Weird Al to promote his new album Mandatory Fun. Thus far, “Tacky,” “Word Crimes,” “Foil” and “Handy” have all been top-notch viral sensations, so it’s no surprise the musician’s latest video for the track “Sports Song” (produced by Funny or Die) is equally as excellent. It hits just the right chords, especially as we enter the midway point of baseball season. Check it out:

There are still three videos left to go in the #8videos8days project and, thus far, Weird Al’s latest is shaping up to be some of his best pieces of work to date. But that’s not surprising as the man is a prolific creative force that cannot be matched or beat. Keep doing what you’re doing Weird Al, we’ll always be watching.

What do you think of the video “Sports Song?” Let us know in the comments below.

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