Weird Al’s #8videos8days Continues with a Parody Video of ‘Blurred Lines’

Yesterday Nerdist kicked off Weird Al’s week of music videos with the premiere of “Tacky,” an aptly named parody of Pharrell’s “Happy.” (We also took you behind the scenes of that video, just saying.) Today, the #8videos8days project continues with the artist’s latest: a parody of the Robin Thicke single “Blurred Lines,” entitled “Word Crimes.” Check it out:

This video is obviously perfection, but more importantly, we all now have the perfect thing to send to people who, despite our protestations, continue to walk all over the English language. The next time we see someone rock a “to” instead of a “too,” this is getting sent their way… and don’t even get us started on the numbers-for-words abbreviators!

We also have to appreciate how thorough Yankovic is with this track. It’s immensely stellar work that reminds us yet again why the man is considered such a wordsmith in the first place. Want to bet he walks around with a dictionary hanging from his neck like Flavor Flav’s clock?

There are still ten tracks to go off “Weird Al’s” new album that could get the video treatment, so there’s no telling what’s in store for tomorrow. What do you think of the latest from “Weird Al” Yankovic? Will you be using this video in the war against improper grammar? Which song do you want to see a video of next? Let us know in the comments below!

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