Watch the SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Premiere Right Here, Meatball Head

Since it was first announced that we would be getting a brand new Sailor Moon anime series complete with original Usagi voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi reprising her iconic role, our excitement has been steadily waxing like, well, so many phases of the moon. Poorly executed similes aside, the long wait is finally over and, at long last, Sailor Moon Crystal is finally here. You’re probably wondering how you can watch it, huh? Don’t freak out — let us be the Tuxedo Mask to your Usagi and help save the day. You can watch it on the first and third Saturday of the month on Hulu (embedded below for your convenience), stream it on Crunchyroll if you have a membership, or watch it on NicoNico, if you so please.

Is this the fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight action you’ve been waiting for? Share your favorite Moon moments with us in the comments below or tell me on Twitter.

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