Tim Hecker Releases ‘Amps, Drugs Mellotron’ for Adult Swim Singles Series

Adult Swim has always been on top of featuring good music–whether in their actual programming or in the interstitial moments between shows when gnomic words of wisdom are soundtracked by weird, sometimes uber-experimental songs. That’s why their singles series, which began in earnest in 2013 is the perfect forum for some of our favorite boundary-pushing/wacky artists like Mac DeMarco and Dan Deacon, among many others, to release creatively uninhibited songs.

The most recent addition to Adult Swim’s Singles series is Canadian producer Tim Hecker’s “Amps, Drugs Mellotron”–an alternate take from his most recent Virgins LP–which is a decidedly sedate, borderline mystical instrumental that reminds me of Policy Mic’s interactive map that shows the daunting scale of the universe from macro- to microcosmic. Nothing says prepare for your mind to be blown like calming flute phrases.

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