The White Stripes’ Release LIVE UNDER THE LIGHTS OF THE RISING SUN on Vinyl

The White Stripes may no longer be recording new music, but that doesn’t mean we’ve heard the last of the supergroup’s recordings. Oh no! Rolling Stone has just announced that Stripes mastermind Jack White is releasing, through his Third Man Records label’s “Vault Package” series, a new double-LP live record of the duo’s work, titled Live Under the Lights of the Rising Sun, comprised of tracks that Jack recorded with Meg White on their Tokyo tour in October of 2000.

According to Rolling Stone, Live Under the Lights of the Rising Sun will feature two sets, complete with “their shout-out to headliners the’s, as well as a cover of that group’s Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack contribution “I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield.” Under the Lights will also contain a demo version of the White Blood Cells track “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” and a rare cover of Iggy Pop’s “I’m Bored.” Here’s a sample clip of “Hello Operator” from the De Stijl album:

The most exciting part of this news perhaps is that Live Under the Lights of the Rising Sun will come with a two-song Dead Weather 7-inch, containing previously unreleased songs by the band on golden vinyl: “Buzzkill(er)” and “It’s Just Too Bad.'” Here’s a clip of “Buzzkill(er)”…

So if you’ve been crying endlessly since the duo divided in 2011, you can wipe your tears for at least a little white. For more information on Live Under the Lights (a.k.a. “Vault Package #21″), visit the Third Man Records website.

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