The Sorceress of Vengerberg THE WITCHER Cosplay Contest

Out of all the myths and legends told of mystical creatures and lethal forces, she’s the only one that holds true. She’s a creature forged by the darkness and bred to kill. She is Yennefer of Vengerberg, and any hunter who dares stand in her way is sure to face certain death. To give us a better look at the evil sorceress, our boys at Sneaky Zebra teamed up with CD Projekt Red and the esteemed Australian cosplayer Eve Beauregard in this short teaser announcing the upcoming Witcher Cosplay Contest.

Coincidentally, we recently caught up with Eve Beauregard for a marvelous edition of Just Cos. Hopefully that’s enough to get you good and inspired to take part in the Witcher Cosplay Contest coming up this Thursday.

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