Take a Virtual Tour of Adam Savage’s Cave

Last month, we talked at length about the off-camera activities of MythBusters host Adam Savage. From T-800 replicas to Jason Bourne go bags, there’s nothing Adam won’t take a stab at making, and whenever he gets that itch, there’s only one place for him to go: his cave. Over the years, Adam’s cave has become as infamous as the M5 workshop itself, and now he’s giving you a chance to tour it in more ways than one:

Now, that was cool and all, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a real in-depth look at the cave? Wouldn’t it be nice to study every inch of it in great detail? Well, thanks to Google, you can. Starting today, Adam’s San Francisco cave will be available to tour via street view, and we already know your next question: where’s the link? Well, here’s the thing, this close to Comic-Con, Adam wants to have a little fun, so instead of just providing a link, the maker extraordinaire is tasking you fine folks to go and find the entrance to the shop yourself.

The only hint Google is giving us is to “head underground, the Ninja Turtle way.” What that means is up for you to decipher, and when you do, do please inform the rest of us because we too would like to take a real glimpse at Adam’s workshop.

What are you hoping to find in Adam’s cave? Did it live up to your expectations in the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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