PlayStation Versions of DIABLO 3 to Feature Skins from SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS

Fans of PlayStation first-party classics are in for a delightful treat if they pre-order Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition on the PS3 or PS4. Though the game will be available on Xbox platforms as well, PlayStation owners will get exclusive access to “The Guise of the Colossi,” an add-on that will allow players to deck themselves out in Shadow of The Colossus-themed armor.

This is just the tip of the PlayStation fan service iceberg for the Blizzard: we found out at E3 that The Ultimate Evil Edition would include “The Last of Us Nephalem Rift,” a dungeon infested with clickers, the creepy mutated fungal abominations from The Last of Us.

The fact that Blizzard was even able to get these Shadow of The Colossus skins cleared by SCE Japan (formerly known as Team Ico) means they’re alive and kicking, possibly working on a future project, which makes me think the unthinkable: The Last Guardian is still in development and coming sooner than we think. Don’t agree? Feel free to say why in the comments, but first: let me have my moment of wishful thinking you dream killers!

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