Oh Hi, Mark: Tommy Wiseau’s THE NEIGHBORS TV Show is Apparently Coming Soon

Part of me wants to just write “what is this I don’t even,” link to the two videos and call it a day, but I can’t. Because there is too much to say when Tommy Wiseau is involved. Most of it involving a series of noises rather than words, but we’ll make due however we can. Did you know Tommy Wiseau,  of The Room fame made a television show back in 2004? He did! It was called The Neighbors and now, apparently, it’s coming for you, Internet — so watch out!

According to The AV Club, the series, which was originally shot in 2004, was re-announced on Tuesday, when Wiseau launched a website for the allegedly-shot pilot, claiming that the whole thing would be coming to us all whether we like it or not in September of this year. And in the 10 years that have passed since the series’ creation? Apparently nothing has changed. The series’ teaser shows Wiseau in his totally bizarre, seemingly unintentional-but-running-with-it-now brand of existence, doing, well, pretty much exactly what he did in The Room: a lot of weird sh*t that ultimately leads to nothing. Hey James Franco — are you listening?

Homeboy’s even wearing a terrible wig (is he cosplaying Rust Cohle?), having a “wild and ca-ray-zay!” party with a bunch of random “woo!”ing folks, and literally not a single bit of plot to be seen. There’s even Tommy Wiseau-branded underwear! “Finally,” your ass is probably thinking.

The synopsis for the series — which is up on the website — is also, well, a thing that we’re just going to leave right here for you sans comment because I meaaaaaaaaaan:

Oh and this GIF from the site because duh:

So — yeah? Let us know in the comments.

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