No Time For Bird Sex in the MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES Trailer

During Comic-Con, Adult Swim debuted the first trailer for Mike Tyson Mysteries, the new half-hour animated series featuring Mike Tyson. You know, solving mysteries.

So this is very much a child-of-the-’80s thing, right? Like one of those terrible “kids born before 1981 will get this” listicles? The clip itself has some solid jokes and, from the sound of it, Tyson seems to be having a great time, but part of the overall joke hinges on your familiarity with that period back in the early to mid-80’s where networks thought it would be a good idea to give real live humans their own Saturday morning cartoons. For instance, the one where Gary Coleman was an angel going on adventures or Mr. T and the T-Force which involved its eponymous hero roaming the country with a van full of teen gymnasts.

It was a more trusting time back then!

Anyway, Mike Tyson Mysteries follows the one-time champ as he (also) roams the country solving mysteries, accompanied by a sassy ghost (Community‘s Jim Rash), a hard-drinking pigeon (Saturday Night Live‘s Norm MacDonald), and Mike’s teen ward (Rachel Ramras, MAD).

Warner Bros. Animation produced the series, but I’m surprised it didn’t come from one of Adult Swim’s regular collaborators like Astro-Base Go! Still, the series captures that ’80s animation style, albeit with more frames of animation and less cheap fills than we’d get back in those sad, cheap-o days.

It looks good and again, Tyson is – by all accounts – a huge geek for this kind of thing, so it’s great seeing him be let loose upon the material.

Mike Tyson Mysteries will premiere sometime this fall on Adult Swim.

Do you think the show will be a knockout punch or go down swinging? Let us know in the comments below.

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