Nathan Fielder’s Dad Might’ve Been Inspiration for NATHAN FOR YOU’s Genius Pranks

Nathan Fielder’s Nathan For You on Comedy Central has brought pranking to a new level. In a detailed analysis of pranks in this millennium here at Nerdist, I specifically pointed out Fielder’s prowess for his ingenious comedic schemes disguised as business consultation. The trailer for season 2 of Nathan For You, which premieres this tonight at 10:30PM, as well as this clip showing how Nathan plans to make a mechanic more truthful, should offer further proof of that.

As it turns out, Fielder’s turn to the “prank side” might have actually been sparked by his very own father. Last week, Nathan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the latest season for Nathan For You and told the story of how his father wove an impressive tapestry of lies in order to trick his own flesh and blood. Nathan’s dad executed his prank so well that it lasted for months. Even Fielder commented while telling the story that “Maybe that’s where I get some of this stuff from,” in reference to his dad’s adept tomfoolery.

Given how “long the con” went with his dad, Fielder’s parents, who were in attendance at the taping of that episode of Kimmel, must have been proud to see their son make something of himself off of doing what was once done to him. The old adage of “If you can’t beat’em, join’em,” rings so true in this case as evidenced by his revolutionary business idea for avoiding awkwardness when inviting people to parties detailed during this interview.

How well have your parents pranked you? Let us know in the comments below.

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