Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Our Love’ by Sharon Van Etten

I remember including Sharon Van Etten in our Best Albums of 2010 and thinking that she had a voice I had never heard before. Now, a decent amount of time away from the article, I can say that there is something about her cadence that stimulates both nostalgia and yet still manages to flirt with the boundaries of expectation. Its that dichotomy that continues to make me giddy whenever Van Etten makes music.

In her new video for “Our Love,” from her most recent album, Are We There, Van Etten channels sensuality and comes as close to remaking D’Angelo’s How Does It Feel” music video as she ever will. Oddly enough, D’Angelo said that he was thinking about church when making that music video (#howisthatpossible?) and Van Etten has a very poignant baptismal moment toward the end of her video. Perhaps these two are much more kindred spirits than I realized? I would pay many shekels to see those two collaborate in the future. Check out the video below and let us know: “how does it feel?”

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