Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘In My Dreams We’re Almost Touching’ by Ricky Eat Acid

Sam Ray’s music as Ricky Eat Acid is the sonic equivalent of visiting your childhood home in the winter, and feeling palpable roots from your heels to the warmed baseboards below your feet. His music is redolent of that most essential, immutable form of comfort and sounds natural for as inventive and experimental as it can be at times. I highly recommend you check out his 2014 release Three Love Songsone of my most replayed albums of the year–so you can put your finger on exactly what I am talking about.

However, today’s track of the day, “In My Dream We’re Almost Touching,” is both the aural outlier and most thematically important track off Ray’s most recent album. There is an urgent line, repeated over and over, that is sampled from a Drake cover: “My only wish is I die real.” That line, which sort of just becomes a nonverbal pulse by the midway point of the song, is such a crucial expression. It’s about knowing what that comfortable place in your life is that the rest of album spiritually explores, and then figuring out how define your life outside that area.

This song dropped with the album back in February, and it has just now made complete sense to me. I hope that you guys enjoy it. Shit, I love music.

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