It’s That Episode #129 – Tami Sagher/Family Ties – Not an Affair to Remember

Tami Sagher (30 Rock, Bored to Death, How I Met Your Mother) drops by to watch an episode of Family Ties that disturbed her as a child. Hear about the adulterous tryst that could have rocked the Keaton family, find out about Tami and Craig’s interactions with Alex P. Keaton himself (Michael J. Fox), and keep listening for a bit o’ Sopranos talk, friend.

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  • Great episode. In regards to the difficult topic of infidelity being addressed in TV, don’t forget about the episode of Freaks and Geeks where Neal’s dad is caught cheating by Bill (“The Garage Door”). It’s incredibly well done.

  • Great episode! But a minor correction: Its not Tracey Gold who who wrote about being submissive to her husband, it was Kirk Cameron’s real life sister-Candace Cameron-Bure!