Friendly Showdown: Team ROOSTER TEETH Takes On Team NERDIST

While you’re gripping your stomachs, fighting the food coma caused by the impending food baby you’ve created courtesy of delicious 4th of July barbecue, take a break to tune into Twitch for some friendly holiday competition, live from the Rooster Teeth Convention in Austin, Texas.

Jessica Chobot and myself will be squaring off against Rooster Teeth’s Ashley Jenkins and Meg Turney in a nice Independence Day gaming showdown– winner takes all bragging rights in the name of stars and stripes.

Watch live video from RTXlive2 on

The battle of epic proportions will commence promptly at 1:30pm CT, so make sure you head on over to Twitch and cheer on your Nerdist and/or Rooster Teeth compadres.

[HT: Halodiehards]

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