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The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?, the fan-funded documentary directed by Metalocalypse and Grimm Fairy Tales’s Jon Schnepp, about the potential Tim Burton Superman movie that never was, Superman Lives, now has a full length trailer. Premiering at San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer features glimpses at interviews with screenwriter Kevin Smith, comic book favorite Grant Morrison and director Tim Burton, as well as test footage featuring Cage that has never seen before by fans.

The documentary, which was the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, is now in post-production and looking for the final funds to complete the film and release it to the fans who are dying to know what happened to Superman Lives. The breakdown of final costs are detailed on The Death of “Superman Lives” FanBacked page and include things like final shoots, animations and graphics.

I have been excited about this documentary for a long time and am so excited that it’s in the final stages of production. It’s also a huge vote of confidence that Schnepp and his team were not only granted an extensive interview with Tim Burton himself, but were allowed access to Burton’s warehouse, getting to see items that no one else has ever had access to for the last twenty years.

You can view the new trailer here and follow the film on its official Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates. If you are ready to answer the question “What Happened?” you can donate to the project at!

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