A DOCTOR WHO “Unearthly Child” Set is a LEGO Idea Worth Investigating

LEGO and Doctor Who seem destined to go together, especially since February when it was announced that the licensing agreement between the BBC’s flagship television program and the Danish building block conglomerate (which might now be my favorite phrase I’ve ever thought of) has finally been settled. There’ve already been a couple of sets proposed through LEGO Idea that have reached the necessary 10,000 supporters needed to get it to the next step. There’s a new one on the site that I think is well worth discussing and up-voting, because it’s a set featuring the characters and setting from the very first episode ever broadcast, all the way back almost 51 years ago.

Proposed and designed by user Concore, the “An Unearthly Child” set features the First Doctor, his granddaughter Susan Foreman, and teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright around the fence and gate to I.M Foreman’s scrapyard at 76 Totter’s Lane. Is there a TARDIS included? Of COURSE there is; it wouldn’t be a Doctor Who set without one. Have a gander!

H/T: Radio Free Skaro

I think this set is really cool. Sure, it’d be easy to just do a bunch of New Series sets, but I think if LEGO are indeed going to embark on the journey of making Doctor Who sets, they ought to do one for each Doctor from an important story. If we take as read that you’d do “An Unearthly Child,” here are the other sets I’d like to see — and people have my permission to design on my behalf, because I possess no designing know how:

First Doctor – “The Dalek Invasion of Earth” complete with Daleks on Westminster Bridge and David Campbell and Roboman minifigs.

Second Doctor – “The Tomb of the Cybermen” with the Cyber Controller and giant Cyber-Hatch playset.

Third Doctor – “The Sea Devils” with the Master, two Sea Devils, and a Hovercraft. Obviously.

Fourth Doctor – “The Androids of Tara” with a castle, two Romanas, and a Count Grendel for sword fighting. (Honorable mention to “The Talons of Weng-Chiang” because I’d love to see LEGO get beyond the casual racism. Oh hey, that applies to “Tomb of the Cybermen” also.)

Fifth Doctor – “Enlightenment” with a huge space sailing ship set complete with Striker, Marriner, Captain Wrack, Black and White Guardians, and Tegan in her ball gown.

Sixth Doctor – “The Mark of the Rani” using the Rani’s TARDIS as the main setting, a buildable Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the Master with poseable uselessness action.

Seventh Doctor – “Battlefield” with Mordred, Morgaine, The Destroyer, and aging Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in a helicopter. Ace would, of course, come with Excalibur.

Eighth Doctor – …”The TV Movie” because, well, that’s pretty obvious. But! A huge TARDIS interior set would be fantastic. Maybe even throw in a dying Seventh Doctor minifig.

Ninth Doctor – “Parting of the Ways” set with the Dalek Emperor, Captain Jack, and Bad Wolf Rose, because come ON!

Tenth Doctor – “The Satan Pit” with the Tenth Doctor in his orange space suit and the Beast chained up. Probably a few Ood as well.

Eleventh Doctor – “Asylum of the Daleks” with Amy, Rory, three or four different Daleks, and Oswin in a completely different room making souffles.

And hey, just for the helluvit, a “The Day of the Doctor” set with the War Doctor, the Moment, Ten, Eleven, and a Zygon.

That was fun! Now I turn it over to you. Tell us about your dream LEGO Doctor Who sets in the comments below. And don’t forget to vote for the “Unearthly Child” set so maybe we can actually get it.

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