Wonder How That ORPHAN BLACK Dance Party Came Together? Watch This!

We’re probably not alone in the reeling feeling we’re still holding inside of us after that epic as all get-out season two finale of Orphan Black. The twists! The turns! The entirely new clone scenario! And perhaps most importantly: the clone club dance party.

As we mentioned in our recap of the episode, a lot went on as far as advancing both the storyline and scope of the sestrahood like no other. But perhaps the most impressive, at least from a technical standpoint, was the momentary respite from the craziness that appeared in the form of Cosima (because of course) instigating a wee bit of a dance break with Helena, Sarah, Alison, and sestrabrother Felix (because what dance party would be complete without him, right?).

It was adorable, a little cheesy, and absolutely one of the more silly and delightful moments of an otherwise breakneck, emotionally manipulating, rollercoaster of a finale. And since we nerds love a little behind the scenes action, BBC America has provided us all with a fun look at what it took to get all four of the clones into one single shot and scene (spoiler alert: Tatiana Maslany had to do a hell of a lot of dancing. Fingers crossed she was humming “Dancing With Myself” in her head all the while).

The ending is a particular delight, as the whole cast and crew gathered to dance it out and celebrate a very, very well done second season. Now I hope they realize we’re going to need one of these with the many faces of Tatiana AND Ari Millen next season. (No pressure, guys!)

So, which clone do we think has the best moves? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

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