Summer’s taken over the realms and we’re all still feeling the sting of not having a new episode of Game of Thrones each week. To help curb the bitter taste of a Winter-less summer, here’s a mash up of Disney’s Frozen and Game of Thrones‘ Season 4 trailer:

Thanks to the efforts of the folks at Cut Print Film, I’m never going to look at Frozen the same way again… or Game of Thrones, for that matter. It’s absolutely brilliant how they matched up scenes from the Disney movie with the audio from Game of Thrones.

The character counterparts for Frozen and Game of Thrones are pretty clever as well. I can totally imagine Hans as the Joffrey of Frozen, only, you know, less murder-y, crazy, and a bit more sing-songy. Plus Olaf as Tyrion, come on! You know that made you laugh. It’s also safe to say that this is probably the only time Game of Thrones will be appropriate for children.

Did this mash-up trailer change your perception of Frozen and/or Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: Cut Print Film

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