This Princess Doesn’t Need Rescuing — Zelda Kicks Ass in Latest HYRULE WARRIORS Trailer

The newest trailer for Hyrule Warriors features the famed Princess Zelda and she is no damsel in distress.

She’s tearing apart hundreds of enemies and proves that she doesn’t need Link or Impa to keep her safe. But who needs words to explain the badass everyone always knew she was? Take a look at the video below:

Zelda went from elegant princess to the Warrior Princess in one go! I’m quite thrilled that she’s packing a lot more punch in this iteration. The only time she was this badass was when she took on the alter ego of Sheik in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Smash Bros. games don’t count!), but to see her battle against baddies while retaining her royal elegance just proves that she can do anything!

From the looks of it, she’s packing quite the arsenal, both magical and real, and I’m pretty sure she can give Green Arrow a run for his archery skills. Of course, she’s also been upgraded from Princess to Queen in Hyrule Warriors so I wouldn’t expect anything less. You go, girl!

Hyrule Warriors hits shelves on August 14 in Japan, while it makes its way stateside September 26 exclusively for the Wii U.

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