The X-MEN Blu-ray Holder We Absolutely Wish Was a Thing

This is probably one of the coolest oh-why-doesn’t-this-actually-exist things we’ve seen on the internet in quite some time. Dave Delisle, a designer, has a website called Dave’s Geeky Ideas on which he posts his prototype images for nerd-centric products that don’t yet exist, but absolutely should.

His latest is an unmitigated stroke of genius: a Blu-ray holder stand for the various X-Men films and releases, but with the added bonus of a Magneto figurine apparently causing the Blu-rays (which do have aluminum in them, so it’s totally okay) to float around. They aren’t really floating, of course. They’re just resting on clear plastic or glass platforms to give the illusion that the Master of Magnetism is showing off something fierce. It’s a damn cool idea, and Delisle also shows what the thing looks like if it weren’t clear, so you can see where everything sets when displayed normally. He says in the post that he’d include a mechanism to make Magneto rotate so you could see his grandeur from every angle. It would need its own special shelf, but with something like this, we’d happily give up the space, wouldn’t you? Have a gander!

X 1

X 2

X 3

Can someone get Fox on the horn? This thing needs to be available when the X-Men: Days of Future Past Blu-ray comes out. Seriously.

Below, you’ll find a gallery of some of our favorite other Blu-ray cases and players that Dave Delisle has designed. Boy, this guy needs to work for some company that can actually make these. See everything he’s done on Dave’s Geeky Ideas.

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