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The World’s Largest Game Collection Sold for $750K

There once was a time where Guinness record holder Michael Thomasson would only see a maximum bid of $50,000 dollars for his gaming collection, which happens to be the world’s largest. Funny, because the most recent auction for Thomasson’s now former collection just ended, and the man is now $750,250 richer. Yep, all Mr. Thomasson is seeing these days are those large, glistening dollar signs.

The collection includes near complete sets of every Nintendo console ever conceived, all of the North American Dreamcast releases, and a seemingly endless plethora of some of the most rare games to ever see the light of day. Of course, that’s just a fraction of the full collection… to list the bunch here in its entirety might blow this website to high hell. Totally no need for that.

One can only wonder what Michael Thomasson will do next. Will he begin yet another collection of games with the new generation of consoles? Chances are he won’t– with the current prevalence of digital-only titles, you won’t see physical collections of this magnitude moving forward. But who are we kidding, Thomasson’s likely going to take a lovely vacation to Mykonos and kick back over a glass of Moscato and a game of Mario Kart on the 3DS. I can’t blame the man, either.

[HT: Engadget]

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